Why hello there! What brings you here, fella? My name is Hugo Balthazar, but I also attend by "HugoBDesigner", which is my alias (as well as this blog's title). I'm Brazilian, 20, and I want to become a game developer.
 I've wanted to be many things throughout my life. I'm as certain I want to be a game developer now as I was sure I wanted to be an architect a few years ago, or an animator, or a YouTuber, and so on. While many will see this as a bad thing, it's what brought me here, and what made me who I am today. If it weren't for my constant change of view and objectives, I wouldn't have gathered the knowledge and experience I have now.
 Thanks to my desire to become an architect, I've gotten into drawing blueprints and creating 3D models. And thanks to wanting to be a draftsman/screenwriter, I've gotten pretty good at drawing and editing. From YouTube I've learned how to edit videos and how to speak better. When I wanted to be a writer, I got better at writing. And now, as an aspiring game designer, I'm slowly getting better at programming, pixel-art, etc. But I'm not stopping! I keep pursuing new things, like animation, astrophysics, localization and much more!
 If you were brought here by me or is interested in working with me, you can take a look at my new Portfolio page, where you can also check a few of my projects, or you can browse around this blog and discover a past Hugo that had lots of issues with the English language. Either way, thank you, fella stranger, for stopping by! You can always contact me via Twitter, where I'm most active, or through any service provided in my Contact page. Seeya soon!

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