Sunday, May 5, 2013

A long time away... and some updates!

Hey guys! I'm back. I've been away for a quite a lot longer, but I wasn't dead. I was working on a Mari0 mappack (and I'm still working on it). It's called "Pop A Portal". This game (Mari0) is a mixture of Super Mario Bros with Portal. That means that you play as Mario with a Portal Gun, in either the Mushroom Kingdom or the Aperture Science Testing Chambers.
My mappack is being very well done by me, even if I do say so myself. It has custom backgrounds, custom tileset (in Portal 2 style) and custom music (Excellence is Rewarded by Harry Callaghan).
About me being away: I'm still having those computer issues (see the post before this one). That means that, until I buy a new computer, I'll no longer work on Minecraft maps and texture packs. That also means that I can't make maps for neither Portal nor Portal 2. This also means that the only game that works on my PC is, actually, Mari0.
If you wanna check/download my Mari0 "Pop A Portal" mappack topic on forums:

(Click on the image to be redirected to my mappack's page)

This mappack is still in WIP (work-in-progress), but it's practically finished. There's only 1 of 8 worlds to be done and a DLC (that I'm planning to release later).
When I wrote "and some updates" in the title, I wasn't talking only about Mari0. I was talking about the blog too. Have you noticed the background? Was made by me (way better than that dark gray squares). I also changed the font from titles to look more like Century Gothic (the font I use for almost everything). And I'll add some "tabs" in the side, and they will redirect you to other pages, with the (actually) following subjects: Mari0, Minecraft, Portal, Portal 2, Other games, My games, Java, Photoshop, Images, Videos and Contact.
So stay around and wait for news, because there'll be more!

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