Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upside-down gel dispensers?

Just place the entities like this:

That you'll get this:

Doesn't it looks a lot fun and pretty? That's what I think, at least. They're not SOOO useful but they'll help you in tests where you wanna have space on the floor (or if you wanna have two gel dispensers next to each other without putting them side-by-side).
Aaand if you paid attention to the screenshots you may have noticed that I have a grid tile, but the gel is not passing through it. A bug, maybe? No, it's a feature. I realized I could make the entities only pass through "entities sides" property tiles, even if they don't have custom collisions (or should I add a new property just to it? Not sure...). Now the "grid" property will only be used for portals. This'll be more useful for custom mappacks, where you'd have entities that should be blocked, but not portals.
Speaking of entities, I decided to stop being a lazy man and work even more on them. Not that I was lazy, but I've been more focused on other smaller things instead of making those super-important entities.

Counting after the coin: "coin", "commander", "envtrigger", "text", "bluegelup", "orangegelup", "whitegelup", "cleangelup", "acidgelup", "metalgelup", "trigger" and "customplats". That's the entities names in-code. In-game they'll be coin entities (already done, but with some small problems I'm gonna fix), commanders (being worked, but not implemented yet), environmental triggers (the same as the commanders in terms of progress), text displays (semi-done), upside-down gels (already done, if you haven't noticed), triggers (haven't even started them) and custom platforms (the same as triggers in terms of progress). I'll post more progress later (or as soon as I can), but for now it's all. In my next post I'll describe better what those new entities will do. I see you in my next post!


  1. Commander looks alot like a command block from min... wait, IS THAT AN EVENT TRIGGER!!!

    1. Yes, I made them looking like a Command Block from Minecraft on purpose, to be easier to players to understand what they do (they execute commands when triggered). And yes, that's an event/environment trigger!
      EDIT: Re-posting it as a reply comment, and no longer a new comment...