Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LinkIt! A new game all by myself

Hey, guys. All right? It's me, with a new game, not original, but improved. It's called "LinkIt!", and it's about linking (duh!). You have pairs of squares of the same color, and you can link them in (mainly) 2 ways: the "Filling" way, where you have to fill the entire grid with lines, and "Linking", where what matters is if you've linked the colors. Here are some example images:

A dynamic changing background for the menu

The basic interface for the game

Squares, blocks and the activated linking tool

For now it doesn't have very much content, but once finished it'll have: customizable textures (like backgrounds, blocks, entities, etc), level editor, downloadable mappacks, buttons, doors (just like in Portal), portals (yes, portals!), filters, crossers, color swappers, and many other things!

In each post, I'll release a beta, about how it is now, so you can test, report bugs and give suggestions! It's not playable yet, but you can pretty much see the base of what the game will become!

The first released version (you must install LÖVE 0.8.0 from to get this beta to work)
LinkIt! 1.1

Download licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
LÖVE software is licensed under the OpenSource zlib license.

EDIT: A note:
press "F3" to take screenshots (they'll be saved in "LOVE/LinkIt!/screenshots/[mappackname]").
press "-" (on alphanumeric keyboard) to reduce scale
press "=" (which would be "+" in the alphanumeric keyboard) to amplify scale
press "w", "a", "s" and "d" or "up", "left", "down" and "right" to change selections and pointer's position
press "Enter", "Return" or "Space" to enter a selection or to toggle the pointer

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