Friday, October 10, 2014

A few important notes...

Hello, everyone! I know it's been a while since I post anything, so I decided to take a time to explain some things. This talk involves mostly (and most likely only) Mari0 +PortalLinkIt! and SpinRobot.

First, and most important: Mari0 +Portal. If you "follow" me or my blog on the Stabyourself Forums, you pretty much know what happened, but if not, here it is: I stopped working on it. I have a few reasons to have stopped working on it, but here are the main ones: I'm busy with bigger projects coming soon, the mod wasn't getting much attention, and Mari0 mods in general are getting slowly ignored, since Mari0:SE beta was released.
I still finished the newest version of the mod (more or less) to have it more bug-free (as I said I would do in the newest version), so now, FINNALY, OFFICIALLY Mari0 +Portal 1.0 is out!!! I know it doesn't have as much things as I wanted it to have in it's 1.0 update, but I've got, at least, everything I've posted about in our glorious 12 editions of "Quick Update of Mari0 +Portal", which was always nice for me to do. Even though the mod is considered finished, I don't want it to just be dropped "as is". I still have small details to polish and new features to be explained in the mod's thread, but other than that (and a few eventual bug fixes here and there), this is it for Mari0 +Portal. No, not Mari0 +Portal, but Mari0:HEC (HugoBDesigner's Entities and Customization). Yes, I already wanted to change the mod's name, so this is the perfect opportunity, right? I mean, technically, it's the very last opportunity, so why not?
So, I say thanks to all of you who supported me throughout the development of this mod. It was amazing this whole time, and I really appreciate everyone who helped me (like Qcode, Automatik and Alesan) and everyone who simply downloaded, played, made mappacks or commented about this mod. It was great from the start to the end!

Now to the long forgotten game: LinkIt!. Do you remember it, right? No? Well, that's okay. No one would remember it anyways. It was meant to be my first game (I wanted SpinRobot to be, but it will still take a while, so I made this in the meantime). It was supposed to be a clone of those dot-connecting games, like Flux. The problem with this game is: it was too generic, there were already tons of similar games out there, and no one really would give much attention to it. So, a long time ago, I gave up of it and stopped working on it, but never announced it, so now it is official: it's dead forever.

If you know be a little (or a lot), you know that I have this old project waiting for a very long time, called SpinRobot. Do you remember one of my latest posts, in which I mentioned making a game but didn't reveal it's name? Well, if you looked at the "My Games" section of my blog, you probably have seen it. Well, SpinRobot is an ambitious project of a 2D platformer game I have for a veeeery long time now. In fact, it is the project I have to be my very first official game! I want it to be very polished, well-detailed and have a ton of features. The game will have a main campaign and custom user-made DLC. Yes, you'll be able to do your own things in this game!
But... what is this game about anyway? Well, I don't want to reveal much, but it is going to be a platformer game with several worlds (and several levels in each world), and each world will have a different theme and gameplay. Some worlds will be more focused on platformer-like gameplay, others will be more around puzzles, others action, exploration, escape, etc. It will have several things in a single game! It'll also contain a really super cool 1.0 master-blaster level editor! No, not just a simple editor, it'll have a LOT of things for you to work with!
My first idea for this game was of selling it, but, since it is my very first game, I decided to make it free, so anyone can know me a little better before I decide to sell anything.
This game will have an impeccable quality! Do you know that game, called Concerned Joe? Well, that is made in Love2D, just like mine, but you can see that the quality of that game is incredible, right? Well, I'm aiming for a pretty similar level of quality! But don't worry: just the amount of work put on it and the quality level will be similar. The gameplay is waaaay different.

I think I covered everything important that I didn't talk about in a while. Thanks for reading, and I see you guys in the next post!

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