Monday, July 4, 2016

A Big, Late Update

 Whoa, what just happened? Where is Hugo's blog, with its ugly textures, trippy background and sidebar cluttered with unfinished projects? Well, to answer your oddly-specific questions: it's gone. I realized it was about time I updated this blog, and made it look not only cleaner, but more professional. If I want to pursue a career that involves graphics and the internet even in the slightest (spoiler: I do), I might as well just dress up the things related to them. You know what they say, dress up for the job you want, not the one you have.
 For quite a long time this blog has been the same. And it's always been a trouble showing it to anyone else. But now, after a good old blogcleaning Sunday, I'm ready to get back on tracks. If you were wondering whether or not I was dead, I wasn't. While I haven't been active on this blog as much as I hoped, I was still active online (if you know where to find me). The reason why I haven't posted much is that I couldn't get any project that I thought was worth making a new post about, and over the last few months, all my projects have been either cancelled or just weren't finished or big enough.
 But that has changed, and will hopefully continue changing over the course of the next few months, as I intend to increase more and more my new Portfolio with all sorts of projects, drawings, games and much more. It took me a while to realize, don't ask me why, but if I want to have any chance in the gaming market, or any market for that matter, I might as well start working more and better on my personal projects.
 Do not, however, misunderstand this as turning my blog into an online curriculum. This is still a personal blog with personal projects, and formalities are for the weak. I'll hopefully have more things to show to you guys in the near future. In fact, I'll make a post about my newest finished project, the Pattern Generator, which you can also peek into through my Portfolio.

 But that's it for me today guys, hope to see you very soon :)

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