Sunday, February 24, 2013

Portal 2: The Return - Update 1

Ok, I know that looks like I'm only working on my "Portal 2: The Return" map, but this is a big update, and I need to post it here.

Portal 2: The Return - Update 1

In this update, I've made a lot of changes, to the map and to the texture pack. I've (almost) fixed the bug that crashes the game when you meet Wheatley: now, if you exit and open Minecraft, the map will back to normal (mod issue, not my fault). Also, I've not only changed the texture pack itself, but also I've made a new topic to it:

HBD's Portal Pack - Update 1

Now you can download the texture pack and made your own Portal maps without problems...
Also, I've fixed some redstone issues, Old-Aperture dialogues repeating and a few other things.
Some pictures, if you wanna see the changes:

So that's it, mostly a texture pack update. If you pay attention, in EVERY SINGLE SCREENSHOT there's, at least, 1 updated thing (textures or map features). I hope you enjoyed!

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