Sunday, March 10, 2013

Computer Issues

Hey, guys. All right? It's me, HugoBDesigner, with some bad news. Remember that video project for my "Portal 2: The Return" map I was working on? If not, go check my Facebook page, where I was posting about it.

So, I was making a video in the same style of Portal 2 demonstration videos for E3:

So what was the problem? Well, about 3-4 days ago, my PC stopped working because one of my memory cards burned (I think). We took it to fix, but we had to format it because of a virus. The man who did it made a backup folder for us. So you may be still thinking: what was the problem? Well, I checked my folder in the backup and... SURPRISE! Inside my original folder I had some files and some folders. The backup folder had some files and... nothing else. I lost all those folders, which means that I've lost over 70% of my things (including this project). But, again, SURPRISE! I found my .minecraft folder there, because, coincidentally, I've moved this .minecraft folder to my Desktop just before this problem. So I still have the map that I used to make the video, and I still have the video itself, but I lost all my 3D animations, and I made them in Stop Motion. But don't worry, it doesn't means that I'll stop working on it. I'll have to redo everything, this will take me a long time, it will be hard to start from zero, but I'll soon get there, and I hope to soon post here both videos ready. So that's all I have for today, and good bye!

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