Monday, June 17, 2013

A "Slowly Progressing" Update

Hey, guys. All right? It's me again. It's been some weeks since my last update, so I need to show you what's happening: I've updated, again, my "Pop A Portal" mappack for Mari0. I've added a 9th world with some more awesome tests:

I've, also, added an alternative download in the mappack's page to a "Time Challenge" version. It's the same mappack, with the same tests, except that you have to complete them within a precalculated time and no checkpoints. It's a great challenge if you like puzzles and speed games.
But you may be wondering: "What else? Except for Pop A Portal, what else are you doing?". Well, I know that I'm mostly posting about "Pop A Portal", and you know why this is the only game that I'm working with (see 3 posts below), but, of course, it doesn't means that this is the only project inside Mari0 that I have to be working on. I'm also working on a mod (for Mari0 too), called "Mari0 +Portal".
Why is it called "Mari0 +Portal"? Because it is, mostly, the normal Mari0 plus some Portal looking stuff. I'm adding customizable stuff to it, more Portal looking textures to the already existing things in the game, and it will be partially compatible fully compatible with the vanilla Mari0 (yes, I finally found a way of making it fully compatible). For example: if you add some "customindicator" entities or some of the new "groundlight" entities, it will not be compatible. But if you only made custom textures for the game (that need to be added to the "custom" folder inside your mappack's folder), then it will be fully compatible. But, for making it compatible, you'll have to add a "customlevels" folder inside your mappack's folder. So, you should make a fully compatible version of your mappack first, then add the modded version inside this folder.
I cannot post a screenshot yet, because it is still very laggy (I'll have to redo a lot of stuff to make it run faster) and because I don't have everything done yet (there are a few things that I wanna change before showing everyone some image). Here is a really outdated screenshot of a very old version of it:

Thanks for reading this. I hope you understand why this is a "slowly progressing" update and, for you that are curious about what the mod will offer, here's the list (sorry if I forget something). Of course, the items of the list are subject to change or new items can be added. Who knows? Just click on "Read More" below...

- 15 custom indicator:
When they receive power from an input, they'll change their textures. They can be customizable: Just put the 15 textures that you want to use inside a folder called "custom" inside your mappack's folder.
- 10 new ground light entities:
You can add more types of ground lights (or indicator lights) to your game, and they can also be customizable (together with any texture inside entities.png).
- Edited ground light entities:
I don't want only to add those indicator lights. I wanted to change the existing ones. Now they have little "rings" on their corners (in curved tiles) and, instead of orange, they're yellow (not really yellow, but an orange more to the yellow, just like in Portal 2).
- Edited tiles:
I've, also, edited (most of) the original textures from the game, making them look more like Portal. I'll have to change more thing, but they're almost done.
- Edited entities:
I changed the current entities from the game (like coins, enemies, portal stuff...) to look more like Portal 2 and to be more dynamic.
- Customizable entities:
You can now change the entities according to your mappack's style. Of course, I'll not make every entity have customizable textures, but some of them (even the player) will have this feature.
- Customizable menu:
I could have hidden this feature, since this is included in "Customizable entities" (more or less), but now you'll be able to make different menus for your mappack, making it much more "custom" and better looking.
- DLCs Worlds:
I will, also, provide my "Pop A Portal" and it's "Time Challenge" version through the DLC tab, so you can play it without downloading, and in an adapted version (including the non-compatible features).

It looks like not much things, but there are so many small changes that I've made (or that I'm planning to make) that I just decided to compact in this list (for example, cubes will change their textures if you put them in buttons, that will also change their textures). But the rest you'll only get at my mod's release...

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