Saturday, August 3, 2013

Modding Mari0 (and some updates)

Hey guys. All right? It's me, HugoBDesigner. So, as you might be seeing on the post's title, I'm working on a Mari0 mod. It's called Mari0 +Portal (as some of you may know). This mod is actually on it's version 0.5, but I'm still updating it. What it does is allow players to customize the game as they want, but per mappack. That means that if someone play a mappack with customization features, the game will replace, for example, default entities textures by custom entities textures placed on mappack's folder by it's author. Here's an example image of what I'm talking about:

Normal cubes:

Normal cubes (activated):

Customized cubes:

Customized cubes (activated):

But I didn't wanted to stop there: I wanted to give more options for things. For example, in vanilla Mari0 you only have 1 cube texture (that doesn't change it's texture when activating a button), but in my mod you have 10 different customizable textures per cube (and per cube dispenser) that change their textures when activating a button. But now, in the update I'm working on, you'll be able to change their textures infinitely (and not only 10 textures).

But I'm also trying to make things in my next update the most customizable possible. I'm adding things like "non-portalable conversion gel", "acid gel", "custom level screens" and "custom overlays":

This may take a while, but once I finish it you'll be able to customize almost any aspect from entities/enemies. For example, I'm working on an advanced GUI system that allows you to set custom values for a lot of things (such as textures, sounds, properties and others):

It's not fully finished yet. I may add or remove some customization features but, until there, that more or less how they'll look. Another important thing I'm working on is to allow more expert users to modify even more the game's settings. For example, one feature I've added allows users to change predefined variables from the game in their mappacks. So you can do things like: change gravity, points, velocity of some things, and so on. Also, I'm planning on adding a system that allows users to add whatever they want to the mod, as if they were making a mod inside my mod (or maybe I'll just use Mari0 modloader, since a's user called "ucenna" offered to merge my mod with this one).

Well, guys, I'll try to keep you updated more often but, until my next post, that's all I have for today. Thanks and see ya!

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