Saturday, August 10, 2013

I should be working on my mod...

.. but, instead, I'm making a customized clock...

... after this image I made:

But that doesn't means I haven't made anything today. Have you saw's main page today? It shows a coin feature. Well, it may look like plagiarism, but, even before their post, I was working on coin entities. Coincidence? No. Actually, it's not coincidence because if you look at's forums, you'll see (if you find) some threads/posts requesting this feature: coins as entities. But mine has an extra feature: it can add as many coins as you want! Well, actually, only up to 10, but I'll change this, and I'll also add more options (like amount of points and signal output when collected). So, if you get one coin, your coin count will increase by the same value specified on the entity's right click menu:


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