Sunday, August 11, 2013

I still should be doing my mod...

Instead, I made another customized clock:

I'm just kidding, of course. I made this one yesterday, since I still had that paper with different sizes of the same clock image. Today I made something you'll REALLY like: multi-customizable coin blocks! If you play Mari0 for some time, you may know that in custom tilesets you can add the property "coinblock" to it (just add a pixel at x = 17 and y = 4 to your tile. The next image shows it better, it's the "Question Mark" pixel)...

(this image shows, also, new properties I'm gonna add to my mod. The bridge one is already included)

But if you do that, all you get is the regular coin block of the game. I've already added the feature that allows you to make custom coin block textures, but, at that time, that was all you could do about coin blocks. But that changes now!

As you see in the image, multi-customizable coin blocks! Ah, and I just recolored them in this image, because I was lazy, but you can change them however you want! The colored blocks are custom coin blocks called "customcoinblock(n).png". You put this texture in your "custom" folder (inside your mappack) and it's done! The (n) is the tile number (and for custom tilesets the first block number is "221") and it has to have the "coinblock" property on it. The first block (in negative, or dark blue, or whatever) is just a regular coin block (in case you have some coin block and don't have a specified texture for it). These ones will use "customcoinblock.png" texture, but if you don't have this texture it'll use the game's original texture. So, go ahead and make your infinite amount of coin blocks! And I see you in my next post...


  1. Sweet thats really nice work.

    I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff maybe u can help me?
    (sorry for bad spelling)

    1. Thank you!
      To make my mod I use LÖVE framework, which runs on LUA language.
      To learn LÖVE:
      To learn LUA: