Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More stuff for Mari0 +Portal

You may be thinking: "Wow, another post so soon after the previous one? That'll probably not going to be so interesting...", but you're wrong! In this meantime, I've added another property (that I've already planned on adding before) and a bug fix/extra-mapping feature/bonus content. The first one: non-player collision blocks. Does this reminds you of something? If you read my blog, then yes:

My old "CubiS" map for Portal. In this map, I tried to introduce (together with many other things that you can read here) the "No Touch" surfaces (non-player collision surfaces). But if you're asking "How can this be used to make puzzles?", then the answer is really simple: use your creativity! In this map, I used this to make impassable gaps. So, since this was only a non-player collision surface, I could put cubes there and pass through the gaps by jumping under them. Now you can do the same with Mari0! Later today (I hope), I'll add, also, the "only-player" collision property. But, let's back to Mari0. To add this property, just put a pixel under the "deadly" one. Also, to make it work better, I highly recommend you adding the "grid" property together to those tiles. You can make them portal-able or not, but, let's be honest: wouldn't it be a lot strange to have a surface that you can't touch but can shoot portals on? Well, I could have removed this feature, but I decided to not to, since I don't know how useful this trick can be.
The second feature I added was the ability to have non-linked cube dispensers to be automatically "on", just like the light bridges does. Even because that'd save time for mappack makers and makes a lot more sense, even because who would put a useless cube dispenser in their mappacks? If so, why having them obligatorily to be linked in order to work, differently from light bridges and lasers? Here's a screenshot of both features:

And I see you in my next post!


Actually, it took me around 5-10 minutes to do the "only player collision" property. It's under the "no player" one, and that's what you get:

In my next post I'll try to update my "mod properties" image, so it'll be easier to see how to make you tilesets updated to my mod!

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