Thursday, August 15, 2013

Platform blocks!

And some other things too. Well, in this week, the thing I've been most working on was the "Custom collision" properties. They could have specific-side collisions, even "only up", just like these platforms from Mari0 SE:

Image from
Actually, mine can be portalable or not (and with the new "portal sides" property, you can set if you can only shoot portals in the colliding side(s) or anywhere in the block). If you want to make platforms like this one in the image, just add the properties "solid", "grid", "customcols:upout". And now, with "playeronlycol" and "noplayercol" you can do even more funny things. The updated "properties" diagram:

Ah, I removed the "upin", "downin", "leftin" and "rightin" properties because it was very hard to do, for something that wouldn't be used so much. Also, you can actually do this by just making an transparent block having these properties and you're done!

In these images, the "platforms" don't have the "grid" property, but have the "portalsides":

About "deadly" tiles, remember when I said I was going to fix the collisions in order to make them non-solid but deadly? Well, I'm not gonna do it anymore. Why? Because of all those new properties! You can make them "solid", "grid" and "playeronlycol" (optional) and they'll work perfectly!

 But I'm not done yet with properties. I haven't made the "entitiesside" property yet (they'll make the tiles block things like light bridges only if they're passing through their colliding sides), and I'll also add the "overlay tile", so they're drawn in front of everything. When I have them working I'll post here and release a beta for you guys (that's right, I'll release a beta version of the mod here, so you all can test it before I finish and send to's forums). So, I see you in my next post!

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