Friday, August 16, 2013

Toggleable gel dispensers and text entities!

So, I made a lot of work since my last post, and after many trials and fails I finally got 2 things to work. The first one (and one of the most requested features) is the ability of toggling gel dispensers directly (instead of using "blockers" like doors or light bridges). Just link your gel dispenser and ta-da!

The second one (not finished yet) is the "Text" entity. For now they use predefined values (you can't change the text yet), but as soon as I finish the "multigui" project you'll be able to customize things like text scale, colors, alignment (already possible, but not fully done) and the text itself! They'll appear on the screen as soon as it's input is activated:

In the future, through "multigui" menus, you'll be able to make them appear on black "boxes" or in front of blocks/entities, in the left-top, center-top, right-top, left-center, center, right-center, left-bottom, center-bottom, right-bottom or entity's placement of the screen, if they're aligned to left, center or right and if they should follow the map or stay in the screen following you. Well, that was enough work for today (um, I mean, this morning), and I see you in my next post!

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