Friday, August 16, 2013

Overlay tiles!

A very requested feature for Mari0 is the ability to make tiles that can be drawn in front of the player. But now you can! Just add a pixel under the "onlyplayercol" property and they'll be drawn in front of you!

Updated tileset properties
Not only that, I've also fixed coins and hammers collisions, so now coins are collected correctly and are deleted after that, and hammers are deleted when emancipated:

I'm thinking on adding another property (believe it or not), but to make tiles invisible. Before you say that there is already an "invisible" property, they actually work in a different way. If you make a "solid" and "invisible" block, it'll become non-solid. If you do an "invisible", "solid" and "coinblock" block, it'll be non-solid until you hit from below. But my plan is to make this property so the block will be invisible, but with all the properties on it. But then you may be thinking: why make it if I can make a tile with properties but no drawing on it? Because you wouldn't be able to see it in editor mode, making the whole mapping process a lot harder. With my property, you'll be able to see them while in editor (just like the "invisible" property), but in-game it'll not be visible. But, differently from "invisible" blocks, "transparent" blocks will support all the properties you want, even custom collisions! Speaking of which, I've finally finished the "entitiessides" property, so now you can add entities that'll only collide with the block's colliding sides. This image explains better:

So yeah, right now it's possible to make puzzles that, for example, you have a laser facing down hitting a block that is "solid", "customcols:upout", "portalsides" and "entitiessides". Then you have to redirect the laser to a detector in the ceiling and one under those tiles. It could be done, right now, this way:

So, that was today's progress... In fact, it was yesterday's progress. I was going to post it yesterday, but I didn't had time, so I'm posting today! And I see you in my next post!

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