Thursday, October 10, 2013

Non-Update Update

It's been a while since my last Mari0 +Portal update. I have a lot of things done already, but there are still a lot of stuff to do. So, to keep you guys updated on this long "non-updates" time, here are some of the things already done:

  • Online Updater:
If you don't like visiting sites to see if there's an update for whatever game you play, then you should be safe. Even making it on Mari0 +Portal, I made it planning on making it being "universal", which means that not only on Mari0 +Portal, but in all of my future games (including LinkIt!) you'll get this just by having Internet connection! I made this online updater to allow me to change whatever I want in these games/mods, so if, for example, you have a bug that crashes the game, I can fix it online and you'll not need to download the game again anymore!

  • Tileset Multi-Customization:
Now you'll be able to set whatever custom texture you want for each property of your tiles by just adding an image named "[tileid].png" to a folder named "tiles". It'll check for the properties of each tile id and search for it's custom texture. Very useful for custom coin blocks, custom animations, custom block debris, etc.
  • Commanders:
I know you guys already know how the Commanders works, but now I can safely say that they're VERY close to it's finish! I've already computed most of the commands, and some will be added in future version (together with their correspondent features), but for now they're working very well!

And some examples, if you like images:

enemy spawn goomba [x] [y] [speedx (optional)] [speedy (optional)]
And much more! Click on "Read more" for more animated GIFs and more informations!
(smart place to put the "Read more" thing, isn't it?)

level set spriteset [overworld/underground/castle/underwater]

level set underwater [true/false]
cheat portalknockback toggle

playes setplayertype [portal/gelcannon]
And many others too! Here you can check most of the new commands that are coming in this update (but keep in mind that some are not going to be added in this very next update, some may have changed and some were added): Stabyourself's Forums Thread.

But you may have been asking: "Why is it taking so long (again)?". The answer is: I'm still on school (but luckily this is my last year), and I'm also making 2 courses, so sometimes it's hard to find some free time to work on my projects. Luckily, here in Brazil we have an entire week of recess (it's actually on this week, but my school will delay it to next week). That means that I'll have a lot of free time to work on this, which means that my next release will not take as much time as it is actually taking to get released. You'll soon have access to all these features and will be able to create mappacks with all kind of advanced settings for it. There'll be even Triggers, Collision, Underwater Region and Logic Gates entities! So keep calm. It'll just take a little bit more time to have this release ready for you! And I see you in my next post!

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