Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mari0 +Portal gets more movement!

I've finally finished the replacetile command, which can be called in two ways:
replacetile (x) (y) = (tileid) or replacetile (oldtileid) = (newtileid)

And, together with the after (n) command (which can be placed in the end of whatever command you want), you can create some really cool stuff (they're not even cooler because I haven't finished animation properties yet). Here are some examples:

This one uses the replace (oldtileid) = (newtileid) form
This one uses the replace (x) (y) = (tileid) form
And how they look in-editor (not going to show the actual commands because there are a lot):

This one uses only two Commanders, because they replace the tile ids everywhere

This one uses a lot of Commanders because they replace tile by tile
Oh, and the commander linked to the coin entity has the command coincount add 90 on it, and the coin entity itself gives you 10 coins. So, as soon as you collect them, you get 10 + 90 coins, that equals 100, and on each 100 coins you get a life.
I'm also working on custom collision property and animation properties (just as I said above).
If you've already played Mari0 +Portal, you may have already noticed it gets REALLY buggy on the menu. I couldn't figure out what was causing this... until today! I finally discovered (and fixed) this bug, so now you don't need to use the menu quickly or quit the game while lagging anymore!
Also, I'm working on another awesome thing: an online updater! Now, as soon as I have a new version of Mari0 +Portal, you'll receive a notification right on your screen! Actually, I made it to work on all my games/mods, so I made the "HugoBDesignerUtil" file. It detects what game it is and loads all the data required. And don't worry about Internet connection: it'll load it only if you have Internet on your PC. If not, the game will run just fine! Also, the way I made it allows me to change whatever I want in Mari0 +Portal for anyone in the world who has Internet. So, if I wanna take your bank password, now I can!!!!! (I'm just kidding, of course. I can get/make some data, but only on your PC. That means I can't send information from your computer to mine's, so all it does is get some values on Internet, change them on your game, sometimes read your game data and save it on your computer). I'm using this, for now, only to check for updates, but, in the future, I'll be able to change whatever I want in Mari0 +Portal for everyone! For instance, I can send you messages via Internet and they'll pop up right on your screen! I can fix some bugs on the game without needing to upload a new version of it, I can even change in-game gravity without you knowing (but I'll not do it. Maybe on April fools...).

That's kind of a long text for just a few things, so I see you in my next post!

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