Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quick Update for Mari0 +Portal #10

Hey, guys! Are you ready for updates? Well, let's give this a start and call it a day, right?
This update is full of *AWESOME* new stuff, so keep tuned and don't miss anything!

At first: What you can do with Mari0 +Portal already:


T1: x: [pos x], y: [pos y], width: 3, height: 5
C1: overlaydata new image giantcoin [pos x] [pos y] frames = 10 speed = .1 loop = true
C2: overlaydata giantcoin hide
C3: coincount add 150 (*this gives you 1 life and 50 coins more)
C4: scoreboard add 10000
C5: sound play coin


T1: x: [pos x], y: [pos y], width: 7, height: 7
N1: "is visible" = "no"
C1: overlaydata new image particleeffect [posx] [posy] frames = 8 speed = .1 loop = true
C2: globalvariable jumpforce = 16
C3: globalvariable jumpforce = 32

Now, a feature that I've already talked about, but never did... Until now: Pixel collision!
What pixel collision does: it converts the non-transparent pixels of a tile into a mini collide-able point.
This alone isn't much, so I finally took some time to fix the problems with the "going upstairs" feature. Now you can make curved tiles, stairs, slopes and much more!

Oh, and another thing I fixed was the "Mario" gamemode. Before, it'd look like Mario holding a Portal Gun but unable to shoot portals. Now it looks like the original Mario!

Another thing you guys will just LOVE is a logical feature. Wanna make complicated stuff and advanced techniques using my mod? Allow me introduce... The Logic Gates! You can have up to 10 different types of gates, and you can set them to be visible or not. You can change their names so they don't interfere with any other circuit you might have! They are these:

So now you can make puzzles with multiple buttons to open the same door!

Something I added that we really needed was Crushers (a.k.a "Mashy Spike Plates"). They are still bugging, but you can already change them really well, like changing their "forward" speed and their "backward" speed.

Another feature I wanted to add for some time but never did: the Collider entity. They're toggleable and can even block portals being shot through them. So now you can finally make invisible walls!

A small - but very useful - feature that can be customizable per mappack: Offscreen portals! You can toggle them via custom variables or via Commanders too!

And, if that's not enough, here's a feature that will REALLY help you guys while map-making: Gel properties in tiles! Yes, now, besides "Deadly", "Portalable" and "Non-Portalable", you can also have "Repulsion", "Propulsion" and "Slowness" too!!!



..Repulsion + Propulsion (I like to call it Repropulsion)...

...and Slowness!

Of course, you can merge them, so you can make Slowness+Repulsion too, for example. You can even make them work with Pixel Collision, so you can have, for example, a half-tile with Repulsion:

One of the most funny features from Mari0 SE is spawning enemies. And even more funnier is spawning enemies via coin blocks/breakable blocks. But now it is possible too! Just place a Commander in one of these tiles or a Logic Gate. Still, you can do what you always could: put a coin entity inside it and link things to it. This way, you can do almost anything with coin blocks/breakable blocks!

Not a feature, but something already possible that is still interesting to show: you can not only make Portal Gun pedestals with Triggers and Commanders, but you can make pedestal for other game modes, like a pickaxe for "Minecraft" or a "Portal" gun for Gelcannon:

You can even add an empty pedestal for "returning" the Portal Gun by switching to "Mario" game mode...

And, now, with all these awesome features with Commanders, Environmental Triggers, "overlaydata" commands and Logic Gates, you can get REALLY advanced! For example: an advanced circuit to detect if the player is jumping very much and with small intervals between each jump:

But sometimes you can get crashes with Mari0 +Portal. Is it an excuse to stop customizing stuff on your mappack? Of course not! Now the game has it's own background image for the crashing screen, and you can customize it on your mappack...

But we don't like bugs and crashing screens, do we? No, we don't. What do we like? We like Triggers! And what about their cool feature of setting what triggers them? Well, you know what is missing with it? An option to detect portal shots, right? Well, this feature plus enemy spawning allows you to make some pretty interesting things...

Along with them, another small feature that would be really interesting for puzzles would be laser detectors to detect Light Bridges. Many mappacks I've played (and even some mappacks I made) added this feature by "improvising": we used to add lasers in front of light bridges, so you can stand on them (like light bridges) and detect them (like lasers). No longer: now light bridges and be detected by laser detectors, but, of course not as default (which could be a problem). You can set if they're activated by lasers, light bridges or both!

But that's not all yet: one of (if not THE) main features of the next update comes in High Definition. Literally.

Take custom textures at scale 1...

...and at scale 2:

Much better, isn't it? Well, you'll be able to customize everything in HD. For example, gels:

Something suggested to me and I think would be really fun to add to the game: deadly fireballs. But, OF COURSE, not as default: you can set if the fireballs that a certain player (or all them) will kill other players. You can also set this if you're spawning fireballs via Commanders. You can set the player ID and if the fireball kills others.

I know, the fireballs in the GIF above looks like stopped in midair, but they're falling. The reason they look like floating and the reason of the GIF being faster than normal is that now you can change the recording speed via custom variables. So you can record faster GIFs now...

Last, but not least, here's a very useful feature for your mappacks: variables! Yes, they were added before, but they weren't working properly. Not only that, but variables can be detected via Environmental Triggers. So you can make counters and custom scores!
But, if that's still not enough for you, here's our last feature of today: variables can now be loaded/saved on your mappack! If you don't know why would this be useful, here's a hint: achievements! Since you can load/save variables, you can save a variable as "true" if you make something in your mappack (this thing could be an achievement) and, if an amount of variables are saved as true, you get something. You can also save, for example, variables to detect the player's smallest time in a mappack (VERY useful for race mappacks). Here's an example:

The indicator lights are there to show you in
what situation they show the achievement.

And, as you might have seen in the GIF above, "overlaydata" now support "fadein" and "fadeout" commands. You can also set for how long they'll fade.

I hope you liked this update, and I see you in my next post!

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