Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick update for Mari0 +Portal #9

Are you ready for updates? I'm sure you are. So, let's take a closer look on how Mari0 +Portal v0.9.6 actually is. When I say "actually is" it means you can already download it to check all the stuff shown below!

First of all: Overlay data! Remember in my last "Quick Update" when I showed you the power of Overlay Data commands? Well, now they also allow you to change the pre-made elementsfrom Mari0. For example: think of that puzzle where you wanted to remove the player's name, score, coin count and all the rest from the screen. Now you can! Or that "Sonic-based" level where you wanted to change the time limit color to show the player that he'll die if he stays for too long underwater. Now:

And Overlay Data can not only use variables for changing values. You can now change their values directly! This, together with Environmental Triggers allow you to make, for example, a jump counter without modding anything, but only via Commanders!

This is all you need for the Jump counter!

Underwater entity is pretty fun, isn't it? But sometimes it's hard to add them and select areas when they could simply be underwater with a tile property. No longer! Take underwater tile property!

And here's the updated tileset guide for properties!

I have something you guys will love! Remember before when you had to search for entities and had a hard time finding them? And when you needed their IDs or some tile ID before placing them? Allow me introduce: "Entities Categories"!

If you liked custom boxes then you'll love this: boxes can now have "offset" textures! So you can make, for example, glowing boxes, boxes with spikes (probably you will want to add it when the box is covered with acid gel) or Christmas gifts with ties!

Let's now talk about Triggers. They're cool, their resizing system is awesome, but if you want a Trigger to open a door and not open it from the other side you'll have a hard time, right? You know what would help? Customizable sizes for them? Not only resizing, but using decimal values! Now you can do it in-game!

And remember when I showed that Triggers can be triggered by specific entities with specific values? When I showed that you still weren't able to change them in-game. But now you can, by pressing "T".

Back on the topic "editor improvements". I always had problems placing entities bigger than their "icons". For example: gel dispensers. That's why I made entities show their full images when editing them!

Bowser placement was a nightmare. But with my mod it no longer is!
Remember those entities I added a looong time ago, called "Custom Indicators"? They were 15. I removed them, because I wanted to improve them. Like make them from whatever size you want, with whatever texture you want and even animated! Guess what?

And that's how simple it is to edit them:

Other thing I always had problems with: gels. They're very cool, but there could never be placed two or more gels in the same tile. But here's my solution for it:

And what you can do with the new "Gel" entity:

At last, but not at least: Faith Plates. I love them, but I always wanted them to work like in Portal 2 or Mari0 SE: custom launching values and options to activate/deactivate them. But Mari0 +Portal is here to help you! Select their force and link them to something, and you're done!

I hope there were enough GIFs for a single "Quick Update". So I see you guys in my next "full of GIFs" post!

EDIT: guys, forgot to say: "Not gate" entity can now be hidden, useful for puzzle mappacks!