Monday, October 28, 2013

Quick Update for Mari0 +Portal #3

The Environmental Triggers will now provide a timeloop timeOff timeOn command, that'll give you constant pulses of output:
timeloop 2 1
I'm thinking on adding timeloop to the "Logic Gates" entity. They'll work just like Environmental Triggers, but instead of commands they would have "Output/Input" and "And/Or/Not/Xor" buttons. You'll be able to set their names relative to their correspondents, so if you want, for example, an AND gate for 4 buttons to open a single door, simply add 4 Logic Gates with the name andgate1 (they must have the same name, no matter how you call them), for example, and the options Input and And, and link them to each button. Later, add another Logic Gate with the Output option and the same name (andgate1, in this case). Link the door to it and you're done!

Shaders can now be changed/removed via Commanders. I can't test it on my computer (it doesn't support shaders), but I tested it on another one, and it works very well! Now you can make Acid Trip with automatic drugs-like effects, or a Space-themed mappack in negative! Just use the shader1 [shader name] or shader2 [shader name] commands!

Perfect for themed mappacks!

Since I started working on the 1.0 update, I've always mentioned Commanders, but almost never Environmental Triggers. They also have a great potential, and also a lot of commands for testing game's events. For example: to detect if you have less than 200 seconds left on a level (actually, the "TIME" values from Mari0 are less than 1 second, but let's just pretend it isn't), just add an Environmental Trigger with timepassed max = 200, and link something to it; to see if you're playing on gelcannon mode, just add the command playertype = gelcannon (I'll probably make it work for each player as well); to detect if player 2 was killed by falling off a pit, do the command player2 deadcause = deadlypit. You can detect if a key was pressed on your keyboard or a button was pressed on your mouse as well, so if you want to add to your mappack a way to players to toggle, for example, underwater properties by pressing "Q", just add an Environmental Trigger with the command keypressed q and a Commander with the command level set underwater toggle:

And the results of it:

The Aperture icon represents the key "Q" being pressed.
But this is enough for a single "Quick Update". So I see you guys in my next post!

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