Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Update for Mari0 +Portal #4

Now we're getting always closer to the 0.9 update. But, 'til there, here are somethings I've already made:

Staircase feature: Now that you'll be able to have invisible colliding blocks (with the Collider entity, that I haven't made yet), and now that you'll be able to have custom collisions per tile (with the Pixel Collision property, that I also haven't started yet), there's something that was worth it to be done: staircase features! You can "climb" objects (like tiles or cubes, for example) if they're half-a-block higher than you (or less). So you can now simulate half blocks from Minecraft and you'll not need to jump to get on top of them!

Why jump if you can walk?

Another feature I worked hard on was a cheat bar (just like in Minecraft or Source games). Just press "c" on your keyboard and have fun! They use the same commands from Commanders (in fact, this is a Commander, but exclusive for players).

No needing of sv_cheats 1!!!

I made both features have an option on variables to be disabled. If you have custom variables on your mappack and want to disable both, just add goesupstairs = false and cheatcommanderallowed = false.
And I see you guys in my next post!


  1. If we use the staircase feature and pixel collision at the same time we can make slopes!

    1. That's one of the features I was aiming for while doing it. Just imagine things like "Curved Science" curves actually having collisions!