Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quick Update for Mari0 +Portal #5

Have you ever played Portal or Portal 2? Well, there are some things on these games that we don't have in Mari0. But some of them can be already seen in Mari0 +Portal 0.9.3 prerelease. For example: remember the Portal crosshair?

Image by "Half-Life Wikia"
Image by "Half-Life Wikia"

Well, now they can be added to your mappack easily:

Detects every possibility of portals and grabbing cubes!
And even a special one to the menu (decorative, you don't need the mouse in the menu):

One of infinite possible pointers...
And the best of all: they can be customized per mappack! You can make them however you want. But I must say: in order to get the quality of the images, you'll have to make one image per possibility. In the total, it'd be 288 images for the portal crosshair plus one for the menu pointer! But you can use/edit the ones shown in the GIFs above:

Custom Mouse Pointer - Download

To make your own pointers, you must name the textures like this:

a: The portals you can shoot (0=none; 1=Portal 1 only; 2=Portal 2 only; 3=Both Portals).
b: "true" if Portal 1 exists, "false" if not.
c: "true" if Portal 2 exists, "false" if not.
d: Last portal shot (0=none; 1=Portal 1; 2=Portal 2).
e: "true" if grabbing a cube, "false" if not.
f: Optional: overlay according to player's portal (none for default; 1=Portal 1 color; 2=Portal 2 color).

Other than that, there's now a feature I've always wanted to have, but I've never known how to do. But now that I know how to program using LUA and LÖVE, I decided to add. It was EXTREMELY EASY to add, just took me 2 minutes, but it's pretty awesome:

Bouncing cubes!!!
Another thing I wanna add in the future is making boxes bounce by being merged on gel...

Also, another thing noticeable in the GIF above is that boxes can now be spawned like enemies. they're not enemies, but they work like one. Just put a Commander with the command:
"enemy spawn box [x] [y] [speed x] [speed y]"  and you're done!
Also, if you wanna download it, just check my thread on Stabyourself forums!

But that's all for this update. Thanks for reading and I see you in my next post!

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