Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick Update for Mari0 +Portal #6

Do you like in Portal 2 when cubes are covered by Repulsion Gel and start bouncing around through the chamber? I love it. So why not add it to Mari0 +Portal? Not only that, but also making cubes slide quickly if they're covered with Propulsion gel... And what about a cube you can't touch, like if it where... hmm... covered with Deadly gel? Yes, this all is now possible.

Now you can have commands to spawn boxes. They're organized like this:
"enemy spawn box [pos. x] [pos. y] [speed x] [speed y] [box id] [gel id]"

And you know what else? They should also go slower sometimes. So, why not have a Slowness gel?

And a bonus: something I wanna finish for the Christmas:

There are too much GIFs for a single Quick Update. So I see you guys in my next update!

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