Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quick Update for Mari0 +Portal #7

Do you like the gel effects in boxes? Well, if you already tested it in my newest update, you may have noticed that you can't place gel if you're grabbing a cube, and releasing a cube against a gel will make the game "see" the gel as a wall, and put the cube behind you. Well, now that's fixed!

Do you like portals? And automatic portals? Do you wish to make a "Blue Portals" in Mari0? Well, now you can too!

Do you like to emancipate Companion Cubes? And do you like the particle effects they make after passing through the emancipation grills? Besides you're a murderer, now you can murder them with style!

Do you like custom sounds? And an unlimited source of custom sounds for musics, sound effects and dialogues? Well, this feature was already added a long time ago, but never worked. Now it does!

Do you like bugs? And bugs that crashes your game whenever an enemy is in it? Well, neither do I, but now you don't need to worry about it anymore, because Qcode (a great user from forums) fixed it for me!!!So, I see you in my next post!


  1. 1. please make a downlodable example pack
    2. when I look at the love console, it says it cannot update because there is no internet when there is

    1. 1. I'm currently working on an example mappack for Christmas. It'll be released a little bit before Christmas...
      2. Actually, I deactivated Internet detector because I had problems with the Internet loader. But soon it'll be working again, and it'll check Internet normally again.

      Thanks for your comment!