Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick Update for Mari0 +Portal #8

Have you guys liked the Trigger entity I made? Well, you're probably thinking: "All it needs is a system to resize and move the triggering area". If you thought on this, you don't need anymore! It is finally working!

But if you don't like the idea that only players can trigger them, it now support multiple entities! But if you need to be EXTREMELY SPECIFIC, like "only players and boxes with id 2 and gel id 1", then:

If you have already played a few puzzle mappacks for Mari0, you probably had to fight with a problem: removing portals. I know, it's extremely annoying when you place 1 wrong portal and you want to remove it, but ends up removing both. Well, that's not a problem anymore! Hold your "removing portals" key/button and press the key/button for the portal that you want to remove and ta-da!

But that's not all, is it? No, you want... Let me see... A portal gun pedestal! Well, I haven't made it (and I'll probably never do it), but... Do you remember that "Mario" player type? Well, it simulates the player normally, except that the player can't shoot portals. You can use Commanders to change the player type to "Portal" and use a Trigger to do that. Use some decorative tiles to simulate the pedestal and you can call it a day!

But that's not enough yet, is it? NOOOO! You want more. What you want now, a command that spawns Stars, Mushrooms, Hammers, Fireballs and 1 ups? That'd be impossible to be done! Would it? No way! Your wish come true on Mari0 +Portal!

Changing the game's variables via text isn't enough for you, is it? Well, I'm sure it's not. You always want more! Well, Commanders can do this work now!

Oh, come on! Are you still reading this text? Do you still want more? What do you think I am? A coding machine? Ok, what is it? What you want now? Wait, what? Commands that can draw images, texts, numbers and variables anywhere on screen with whatever color you want? And toggleable? It's enough for me, I'm NOT gonna do it. Don't make a "sad-dog" face for me, I'll not fall for it. Awn! How cute! Okay, okay, I do it for you, but just this time, ok?

Now you want it to stay when you move with the screen? That'd be so hard to do! Well, actually, it'd be easy, but I'm not gonna do it. Okay, if I do it you stop asking me things, right? So take this:

WHY DON'T YOU GO AWAY AND STOP READING THIS TEXT? I'm tired, OK? I want my bed, drink a coffee maybe, but I'm not doing anything else! It's enough work for today!
WHAT? You want more work for me? This never ends? Oh, it's the last request? OK, I hope it is. WHAT? An underwater entity? With customizable area, like Triggers? And toggleable? Oh my God... All right, all right, take your request:

It's enough for a "Quick" Update, isn't it? Well, I see you in my next post!


  1. The star gif is cool. I should do that. Except for one reason...


    So I can only get it if you post it in the forums.

    1. The next update will be soon on the Stabyourself forums, don't worry. There are other features I wanna add before the next release. I want to distribute all the features planned for the 1.0 update through all the updates between the current one and the 1.0 update.