Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mari0 +Portal 1.0 Tileset Reference and Blog News

You thought it was the mod's update, right? Sorry, it'll take some more time to be finished. But, until then, you can prepare your tilesets to this awesome new set of properties. I've come to the point of filling the whole vertical line on the right of tiles with properties! If you don't believe:

And here's a tileset I made with some of these properties. I call it the "Portal Complement" tileset and I may update it with some frequency:

Except if you're gonna put light bridges/lasers/gel dispensers facing the grid block (the first tile), it should pretty much work on Mari0 +Portal v0.8.

About 1.0, I've fixed a lot of bugs and added a few smaller features. For example, you can now move your camera in-game by holding "left" or "right" arrow keys. The camera will only move until a point where you're at the very side of the screen. Example gif:

Kind of a big GIF, sorry...

There are 2 great features of the next update being shown at this GIF. The first one (and most obvious) is that you'll be able to move your "camera" forward or backward in order to reach further objects. The "camera" is limited to where you are, so you cannot, for example, look how is the map's ending while you're on the beginning. I made this because some times it's hard to have a cool level and have to put a platform-kind-of-thing on the top of the to let the player see what is next to him. In this feature, you just need to hold either "left" or "right" arrow keys on the keyboard to have your "camera" moved...

The second one is a feature you saw through the entire GIF, but was unable to figure out. I just ask you something: "How was this GIF made?". Yes, I made an in-game recorder, so you can make your own gifs/movies with it! But, before trying to record a whole let's play series at one shot, let me tell you how this works: while recording (you press "F9" to start or stop recording), the game will get every frame from the gameplay. But when you finish recording, the game will save each frame as an individual image at "AppData/LOVE/Mari0/records/[your mappack]/record_[n]/[frame].png" (example: "AppData/LOVE/Mari0/records/Pop A Portal/record_0003/0050.png"). This was the only way LÖVE (if you don't know, this is the 2D game engine that runs Mari0) allowed me to save this. Trust me, I tried videos, I tried gifs, but none of them were possible.
The recorder will not record any audio, but you can record it after an external tool and merge the audio and the video on a video editor...
Also, the game takes some time to save all the files, so consider yourself warned if you're trying to create a video longer than a few seconds. I made it the most simple way I could, in order to provide results faster. You may notice that some screenshots get a translucence on translucent object, but that's something from LÖVE, not from me. I even wrote a system to remove the transparency of them (the same system I used on screenshots), but, since this takes some time to render all the images, it took me 3 or more times longer than normal to render all the images as non-transparent (but be advised that my computer is EXTREMELY slow, so these should NOT be used as default values of time). I'll probably add a little window to ask if you wanna do it or let the images translucent. After saving them, get all the images and put on an image/video editor. Each image is an individual frame, and on Adobe Image Reader (a software that comes with Photoshop), you have an option that allows you to make the GIF by just choosing the image's folder. Go to "File>Import>Folder As Frames" and select your screenshot's folder.

Also (sorry for the long text), but, thanks to all of you (recently most of you from Stabyourself's community), this blog has his FIRST 2000 VIEWS, which may not look very much, except if you consider that approximately 34,95% of the total of views are from the last 2 months only!

Being you American or Brazilian or from any other country!

If you wanna some statistics, click on Read More, and I see you in my next post!

Just so you guys know: most (or big part) of the accesses from Brazil, Chrome and Windows are mine...

This shows how the public raised on the last 2 months...

Number of views:
October: 0
November: 131
December: 40
January: 61
February: 113
March: 22
April: 21
May: 117
June: 74
July: 122
August: 457
September: 848

Total: 2006

This shows from where most of the public comes
Number of views per country:
United States: 699
Brazil: 486
Canada: 219
Sweden: 83
Peru: 76
Germany: 72
Argentina: 57
Russia: 44
Romania: 38
Philippines: 30

This shows from what browser the public accessed this blog
Number of views per browser:
Chrome:  1171
Firefox:  519
Internet Explorer:  169
Safari:  91
Opera:  32
Mobile Safari:  6
ChromeFrame:  6
UniversalFeedParser: 5
Maxthon:  2
YaBrowser:  2

This shows from what O.S. the public accessed this blog
Number of views per Operational System:
Windows: 1593
Macintosh: 216
Linux: 83
Other Unix: 48
iPad: 32
Android: 7
iPod: 7
Nintendo DSi: 5
iPhone: 5
Nokia: 3

Most accessed posts + Number of views:
Upside-down gel dispensers? 39
Another "invisible" property? 38
Again, I Should be working on my mod... 28
Getting some more help 18
Custom levelscreens 18
What if you don't have a custom tileset? 16
Toggleable gel dispensers and text entities! 14
I still should be doing my mod... 14
Commanders are coming! 13
A "Slowly Progressing" Update 12

Most accessed pages + Number of views:
Mari0 77
Contact 43
Minecraft 42
My games 40
Portal 29
Photoshop 25
Portal 2 21

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